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Bathroom Remodels

Planning a Bathroom Remodel? Go ahead, beautify … but be sure functionality and safety are also included in the design.

On a recent home inspection, I noticed the upstairs guest bathroom had been remodeled. The highlight and focal point is the shower stall. It features river rock and tile surfaces, a deluge shower head and two recessed shower niches to store soap and shampoo bottles. Understandably, the designer didn’t want this work of art to be covered by a curtain so instead a stationary glass panel was installed. The panel’s placement, (attached to the wall directly adjacent the temperature control valve) acted as a barrier resulting in the inability to operate the valve from outside the shower or adjust the temperature without entering the stream. This is not only a nuisance, it’s a safety hazard and the consequences can range from getting unnecessarily wet to being scalded.

Homeowners should be aware that temperatures in excess of 120┬░ F can present a safety hazard due to the risk of scalding. Scalding can be defined as a second-degree burn to the skin or flesh caused by moist heat. In this particular situation installing a different shower head, one with the ability to direct the water away from the valve could be an inexpensive way to keep an unsuspecting bather safe. Keep in mind, when performing any home improvements it is advised to consult a licensed professional, in this case a plumber, before beginning.

At Blue Fish Property Inspection, identifying potential safety hazards and educating our clients as to the best, most practical way to address these issues is paramount.

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The crawlspace is undoubtedly a dark, uncomfortable area of the home most often avoided. But rest easy- your Blue Fish Property inspector will discover, expose and bring to light the defects that take refuge in darkness and jeopardize your safety.

In this particular crawlspace, I discovered an area where the under floor furnace had been removed. During the relocation, the girder (the main horizontal support of a raised structure) was cut. In addition, a “makeshift” pier (typically a solid support made of wood and concrete) was constructed using an old pipe and cinderblock, then placed under an adjacent joist in an attempt to add support back to the previously compromised structure. These “repairs” were most likely performed by a handyman or personal friend with little or no structural background. It’s recommend all repairs to or replacement of any household appliance be completed by a qualified, licensed contractor.

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